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MEREZA Sleeping Bag for Adults Mens Kids with Pillow, XLSleeping Bag for All Season Camping Hiking Backpacking3-4 Seasons Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather & Warm


* SLEEP COMFORTABLY WITH PILLOW : A 220 G plush flling camping pillow is included for an at-home sleep experience in theoutdoors. Contoured 3D hood construction with drawstrings allows internal adjustment to avoid heat loss while providing spacefor the pillow; Reversible locking antisnag zipper and draft tubes backing it work together to keep body heat in.

* GET MORE SPACE : Roomy rectanqular shape comfortably fits most campers up to 7 FEET. Size: 33.5 by 90.5 inches (W x D), 20%arger than most products on the market, so lofty and wide youll have plenty of room to stretch out, The separated bottom zipperets you ventilate the foot section for better temperature control, you can even fully open this big size sleep baq as a blanket.

* HIGH OUALITY FABRIC: Made of a waterproof&windproof 210T polvester taffeta shell to resist moisture and stains, 240T polyesterining is soft, supple and comfortable next to skin. Net weight 5.73 pounds, filed with thick hollow cotton ensures breathabilityand is warmer than similar products. This sleeping bag for adults or kids wil warm your tour and give you a good night sleepexperience.

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* GREAT FOR COLD WEATHER : Our winter sleepingbag aims to help you stay warm and cozy even in cold weather condition. Ratediemperature 10°-30, which allows sleeper warm even at 10. Comfort temperature is 30.Our sleeping bags are designed toensure that after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, travel or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night's sleep

* REVOLUTIONARY STORAGE BAG : The laroe opening desian of the compression sack facilitates the storage of the subzero sleepingbag without tearing, the cover on the top strengthens watertightness. In addition, the portable handle on the sack makes itconvenient to carry along for any outdoor adventures, camping trip, backpacking, hiking,RV travel or competition training.